Howto generate Javascript or Css files in runtime?

Hello, All

I want to make such thing.

I have the JavaScript file myscript.js

And this file has content that could be changed for different users.

For example, the session var is statically passed in the script.

Usually I manually do the url handler for the request and send back the the mimeType text as requested.

Is any simple way to do this with the yii?

Thank you for your time

Try to read this.

Thank you, Sensorario for the your reply

But this is not what we need.

In the article there is the way howto get url to the static script or to the image.

But I want to generate any files *.js, *.css, *.jpg for any place.

For example I want to send to the browser the file from the database with the name "path/timestamp.jpg"

and create the css file with the background: url("path/timestamp.jpg&PHPSESSIONVAR") - it could not be static

Hope we could find easy solution to do this!

Thank you for your time