Howmuch Would It Cost To Migrate And Convert A Magento Cms Into Yii Framework

Hello, I would like to change zend framework magento cms shopping cart and would like to migrate to Yii framework instead by cloning all my website and magento shopping cart cms to Yii framework,

would someone tell me the process, an estimated price for this task,


Short: That would not be possible.

Long: Okay, okay, it might be possible, but for a beast as magento it could take months or even years, and there’s no benefit in doing this. Plus that you need highly skilled magento developers and highly skilled yii developers to make the transition, which raises the question, if you have such developers why make them do the transition in first place?

Anyway, just my two cents :)

this will be a big deal challenge :lol:

It is possible, but it won’t be cheap (above $100 000 USD)


If you’re wanting to use Yii for an eCommerce store, you might look at just changing to LightSpeed and their Web Store is already a Yii ecommerce product. Would probably be much faster and cheaper just to transition to software that’s already out there.

It will depend your business niche and no of categories as well as products. Maybe cost $750000 (again depending on your diversity of business). Also you can check prices from fiver or freelancing platforms.