How Work Usermanagement Module With Rights?

hi i installed usermanagement module(not user module) and rights module

and user in user management view in rights but i give any permission with user not work

read this wiki


i am newib please help me


if (Yii::app()->user->isSuperuser) {

   &#036;all_roles=new RAuthItemDataProvider('roles', array( 






    &lt;label for=&quot;type_id&quot;&gt;Type&lt;/label&gt;

    &lt;?php echo CHtml::dropDownList(&quot;Type&quot;,'',CHtml::listData(&#036;data,'name','name'));?&gt; 





where add?(where add code?)

i installed both when describe permission in Rights and give permission to user of usermanagement

permission do not apply for this user example i give to msm(is a user)create_user permission but msm login with usermanagement modul do not permission create_user

in your controllers

public function filters()


		return array(

			'rights', // perform access control for CRUD operations



and extend from RController

class ConfigurationsController extends RController


Do you use rights and usrmanagement together?

i add it to my code but not working