How Use The Migrate Command If I Have Different Directory Structure?

I have tired many things, used google, this forum, stackoverflowm, I am here over 4 hours, and I can’t solve this problem.

I don’t have any idea… A little bit I hate the Yii… :angry:

My Yii framework is here: /var/www/work-event/application/framework/yiic

and I have the migration folder in /var/www/work-event/application/migrations

Then I used in terminal, but Ubuntu say… cannot find the command. WTF?

xy@xy:/var/www/work-event/application/framework$ yiic migrate

yiic: command not found

But there is the **** yiic file. I see it!. In that folder… I don’t understand, what the problem baby?!

Then Ok, I download the original Yii framework and than I used that. and for the glory, it worked, found the yiic (celebration). But than what can’t find? The migrations folder? (and I said “Oooohhhh”)

xy@xy:/var/www/work-event/application$ /var/www/yii/framework/yiic migrate

Error: The migration directory does not exist: application.migrations

Hey, Yii, there is the migrations folder, I found it :)

But I don’t know how can solve this problem. Any idea? :)