How Use Phpdocumentor With Yii?


I have the basic yii 1.14 skeleton. In the protected/framework directory there is the Yii framework.

How can I do that the PhpDocumentar ignore this file? (it doesn’t generate any documentation about it!)

Which directories should be generated?

I used this command in the terminal, but It can’t ignore the protected/framework folder… always go inside and want to generate docs about it.

phpdoc -i /var/www/work-team-betting/protected/framework/ -d /var/www/work-team-betting -t docs

Hi, according to phpDocumentor tutorial on its official site:

so I guess you have to provide the relative address of the framework directory, like:

phpdoc -i protected/framework/ -d /var/www/work-team-betting -t docs

if that doesn’t work try this:

phpdoc -i *framework* -d /var/www/work-team-betting -t docs