How To Validate Chtml::textarea W/o Using Model

this is my text area

<?php echo CHtml::textarea('recloc[]','',array("style"=>"width:200px;resize:none;")); ?>

I need to check all the textarea with the name of ‘recloc[]’ if they were empty.

Thanks guys in advance.

your asking about validation??

if you are using an array then you can write in the rules array, eg.

public function rules()


   return array(




Good afternoon.

I think you can make a custom validation rule and then assign it to the attribute.

For example:

public function rules()


     array('yourAttribute', 'checkArrayField'),



function checkArrayField($attribute, $params)


     $arrayData = $this->attribute;

     // Now you check the attribute through a loop. If all elements 

     // are OK then return true but return false.