How To Using Diffrent Bootstrap.css In Dirrent Modules?

hi,guys,the question is :

i’m using diffrent modules for distingish frontend and backend. so i don’t want them to share the same bootstrap.css .

in fronend using bootstrap while backend using bootstarp-custom.css ;

how I can do that for Yii2…

any kind guys help me ?? thanks a lot…

I have got a solution myself at last…so hard…

in Module.php (your module entry file index) overwriting the functinon init()

like this:

public function init() {// custom initialization code goes here


    \yii::$app->assetManager->bundles = [

        'yii\bootstrap\BootstrapAsset' => [

            'css' => [







yes…it works corectly…

any better solute is welcome…

thanks .