How to user zend studio IDE for Yii framework and Project

I’ve been using PHP DESIGNER but format source, all the default array of Yii it was mixed into a single line.

It is very inconvenient when configuring and coding project.

I switched to Zend Studio 9 is having problems with auto code complete.

Php I include into my project library Yii framework but it can not show as Yii:: app () -> db, Yii:: app () -> session, Yii:: app () -> cookie …

And Yii:: app () -> db->

When ctrl + space

Who has experience in configuring Zend studio, Please help me to work.

Thanks for all.

As we know when u write Yii:: app () -> session it means that u are calling method of ChhtpSession. But here is no way to know IDE this. It was done by yii. It is done on runtime. So if the IDE specifically developed for YII then it can support otherwise it can not know what is that. I don’t think that zend supports yii

In the Project properties >> PHP Include path section you can add the yii framework as an additional library