How to use yiic?


I use WAMP and I'm a complete newbie in frameworks, so I don't know how to install/use yii command line.

I tried do double-click yiic.bat but it opens but it quickly closes thus I barely can see what is written in the windows that appears.

It seems that I need a file called php.exe in order to make yiic works properly, but I don't have this file in my computer (tried do find it using windows vista search, but no results).

Can one help me?



Not wanting to sound rude or anything, but some skill working with a webserver and PHP is required if you want to use Yii to its fullest.

Good luck.

Admin: Please be more considerate, thank you.

Surprisingly it was tricky to find the correct information regarding command line execution of php.

To get started the command line prompt in windows, try pressing “Windows Key” and the “R” key together. This bring up the “Run dialog”. For example:

Type in "cmd" and press Enter.

Within the command line, you should be able to run "php -v" without any errors. That is, type in "php -v" and press Enter in the command line prompt.

If there are errors, try to follow the instructions in…th-for-php-cli/ to setup the paths

After changing the paths, close the command line and then re-open it (see above).

Try "php -v" again.

Then try the yiic commands (you need to change paths using the "cd" command in the command line prompt).

Let us know how this goes.

Cheers, Wei.

@wei, I was genuinely being considerate.  ;)

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@wiredesignz, I think we should try to give support to newbies, as we were mostly like a newbie before :D


I changed the environment variables and it worked perfectly

yiic commands are working ok too,

thanks for helping


This Topic have helped me a lot

Tanks to all

I had the same issue, but now solved after much rumaging through the forum and several links. I think the issue is fundermental and it should be included in the first application setup chapter of the documentation. Thank you