How to use YIIC while generating yii like documentation?

Hello. I am trying to use Yii Like Documentation Extension:

… but I am not able to get started with that.

After I extract command folder in /path/to/public_html/protected/commands/ , I later use:

"./yiic docs /path/to/public_html/docs/" or "./yiic docs check", I get this message:

/path/to/yii-1.1.8.r3324/framework/yiic docs /path/to/public_html/docs/

Yii command runner (based on Yii v1.1.<img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' />

Usage: /path/to/yii-1.1.8.r3324/framework/yiic <command-name> [parameters...]

The following commands are available:

 - message

 - migrate

 - shell

 - webapp

Where is the problem? What I’m doing wrong?


First of all, you should extract the contents (not the folder itself) of the commands folder to protected/commands; it should look like:





I placed the docs folder (which must exist) at the same level as protected (under public_html), but you must run yiic under protected, so the command line is as documented:

[protected]# ./yiic docs ../docs

Check for these details and if the problem persists please post more information. Good luck.

Im also getting same problem. I tried what JFReyes suggested but still same, any other thing im missing ?