How to use Yii modules properly

[color="#222222"][size=“2”]In Yii PHP framework, one has ability to create modules. As per Yii’s official documentation here is definition of the module:[/size][/color]


[/indent][color="#222222"][size=“2”]Let’s say we have a huge aplication and we have to create front-end and backend. In this case, is it better to create frontend module, and backend module and use them, or it is better to implment frontend as one Yii application, and backend as second Yii application.[/size][/color]

[color="#222222"][size=“2”]I’m asking this because if you look at Yii’s 2 advance template, there three are different applications (common, backend, frontend), but they are not implemented as three different modules, and my question is why?[/size][/color]

[color="#222222"][size="2"]Is app is going to be slower when you use modules and what are pros and cons of using modules?[/size][/color]

suppose u have no of different modules in ur webapplication.

take an ex. insurance website.

insurance types are so many like…, health, home, vehicle, general…

all have separate mvc.

like this scenario it is easy to maintain if we work with modules.