How to use vue chat in yii2?

Link GitHub - antoine92190/vue-advanced-chat: A beautiful chat rooms component made with Vue.js - compatible with Vue, React & Angular

I do not know if I am asking a relavant question here but I am curious to know if I can use above vuejs chat inside yii2 easily .

Vue.js and any software (chat etc.) based on this are frontend libraries. Yii 2, which is backend framework has a very little to do with this.

All that you need to take care of, is to publish assets (CSS, JS etc.):

And probably publish some HTML code through one of your views.

I don’t know Vue Chat, I don’t know, if it is popular enough or not. First step is to look through GitHub, Packagist etc., if someone already didn’t resolve this problem for you. Maybe there’s a ready extension.