How To Use Typeahead Bootrap - Autocomplete With Dynammic Add Row ?

I have a invoice form with "Add row" button (as below image)

when i clicked into this button, it’s will auto generate a row with some textbox (Item, Description, Price, Qty, Total)

But my problem is i can’t use autocomplete for “Item Name” in new row.

How can i do that ? have any suggestion ???

Thanks pro coder :)

How does the button work? Post your code. Guessing you are doing client side cloning… You need to recall the autocomplete widget with each press of the button on the id of that element. Better still check this out…

Thanks @waitforit . it’s a amazing extend.

but i have more question.

In this extendsion. if i choose a Lastname with autocomplete. can i append to Eyecolor auto via database ?

Hello… may I know how to custom activeform like that? I’ve been searching anywhere but can’t find any clue :( Did u use any extensions beside bootstrap?