How to use the yii search functionality with own result table?

Hi all!

I would like to have an advanced search with my own result table. I don’t won’t to use gridview to show the result set. How can I do this?

I see that yii uses an jquery function ($.fn.yiiGridView.update) to perform the request (e.g.


) and to get the data. I suppose, that I only need such a function without the gridview stuff (a function that builds this ajax request, so that I can use the data to fill up my table).

Is there any function ready to use to do this?

Have a nice day!

– Franck

The code generated by Gii created the advanced search that just fills the CGridView filter variables so that it’s the same like entering values in the CGridView filter fields…

If you want a custom advanced search… you can just create a custom (active)form… and process it by yourself with ajax or not… it’s up to you…

Thanks for your answer!

– Franckie