How To Use Tbinputsearch


Does anyone use boostrap widget search ?


How it configured ?

Please give an example


Anyone please ?

Hi ,

For reference

[size=2]you have to include extenstion [/size]download extenstion here

Hi chandran

I have already import the extension and I tried to use it by widget as other widget does, but I cant show it in view.

If you have an example please post it


Hi, what version of bootstrap are you using? yii-bootstrap or yiistrap or …? Cause I couldn’t find any docs for TbInputSearch!

Hi faridplus

Thanks for your reply

I use YiiBooster version 1.0.6

I found only this

but I didn’ find any documentation neither an example too… :mellow:

Sorry I never used YiiBooster and also there is no 1.0.6 version in its github repo so maybe it’s been forgotten. You have better chance if you post an issue on github (not to mention it has 113 open issues already :rolleyes:)

Hi again

I know I have to update the extension. But I should to check entire my application for all cases and all combinations… very time consuming. I know also that Ι should trust the newer version about the compatibility, but I want to be 100% sure …