How to use software version control with yii projects?

Good night, sorry if this was already posted, I’m new to yii and couldn’t find a related topic using the search function. We’re currently starting a web project and we’d like to use svn in our project, however we’ve find some issues with it, once I uploaded the first project skeleton, my project collaborators couldn’t get access to index.php, they just got a white page.

Then I asked them to create a skeleton and update content from repository in that folder, it worked since they got the updated content, however yii wasn’t detecting it. In other words, models and controllers were there, but yii was giving an error saying there wasn’t controllers or models from those tables in our database.

Is there any good practice on using svn to control yii projects, or any guidelines? any feedback about it would be greatly appreciated thank you very much for the input.

I don’t think your issue has anything to do with software versioning. I imagine it’s some configuration issue, but we’ll need some more information from you.

What are the errors you’re getting? If you’re getting a blank white screen, do you have error reporting disabled? You’re in development mode now, so you should definitely enable all the error and debugging information enabled.