How to use query data for another sql query in yii2

I have a query here:

      public function SearchExactJob($id) {

          $connect = \Yii::$app->db;


          $query = $connect->createCommand('

               SELECT job_name FROM job_questions WHERE job_id=:id')




I want to use the job_name for another query: PS: I just wrote this down on a paper in case i’ll be able to find out how to get this data

      $anotherquery = $connect->createCommand(

                      'SELECT * FROM company_questions

                       WHERE company_question = [the job_name I want to get from the `$query`])

Also if I will successfully get the $anotherquery work, I want to get the data and pass it on the view assigned to this.

But then, im asking for help because I just recently used Yii2. Please help me.

From first query something like

$jobname = $query->job_name;

now you have $jobname to bind in next query.

If you are just getting one result change




FETCH_OBJ easier for me anyway to work with.

thanks! it worked for me. :)