How to use migration while using extensions

Hi…I am a newbie with regard to the Yii framework…I am trying to install a comment extension to my application…I found this extension called "itsurka/yii2-simple-comment". I tried installing the extension using composer however I am not able to complete the migration. As the extension page says that I need to "Apply migrations from yii2-simple-comment/migrations folder". I apply the command "yiic migrate" from the migrations folder of the extension and I get the error "Yiic not recognized as an internal command". Can some one tell me the what would be the command to migrate from the extension.

you need to execute the command from your application root folder and specify the migrationPath look at the guides

Thanks a lot for pointing me to that link…I had been through it before but did not quite pay attention to the part where it talks about the migration path.

If anyone else is looking for answers to the same question here it is:

This is the command where the path of the migration folder should be mentioned.

yii migrate/up --migrationPath=@app/modules/forum/migrations

So if you are doing migration for an extension that is stored in the vendor folder the command will look like this:

yii migrate/up --migrationPath=@vendor/your_extension_name/migrations