How To Use Juidatetimepicker Extension In Forms

How can I use juidatetimepicker extension to select date time in form field. Currently I am doing it like this but it is giving me error.

<?php echo $form->textFieldRow($user,'expirationTime', $this->widget('ext.timepicker1.EJuiDateTimePicker',array(












))); ?>

It is giving me following error Fatal error: Cannot use object of type EJuiDateTimePicker as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\DGMwebapp\protected\extensions\bootstrap\widgets\input\TbInput.php


Please try this code





				'hourGrid' =&gt; 4,

				'hourMin' =&gt; 6,

				'hourMax' =&gt; 22,

				'timeFormat' =&gt; 'h:mm',

				'changeMonth' =&gt; true,

				'changeYear' =&gt; false,

				'timeOnlyTitle' =&gt; 'Starttime:',

				'timeText' =&gt; 'time:',

				'hourText' =&gt; 'hrs.',

				'minuteText' =&gt; 'Min.',

			//	'secondText' =&gt; 'Sec.',

				'currentText' =&gt; 'Now',

				'closeText' =&gt; 'Done',




			), // htmloptions




chandran nepolean

Hello chandran thanks for your reply but I think you are just giving me various options of widget. I know all of these but how should I implement it in my form so that user can choose date using widget while filling form. In my post I had mentioned how I am trying to use widget and the error I am getting. So can you please tell how should I use it in my form and not the various options of widget. The error is due to how I am using the widget in my form.

I think you can just remove the textfield


You can just remove textFieldRow and just use this widget.

I saw in your code that you are binding this widget to textFieldRow.

This widget gives you textfield with option selecting time. I have used in my project.


chandran nepolean

thanks Maggie Q & chandran it is working now I just had to remove the textfieldrow.