How To Use Icons In Navbar


how can i use icons in navbar like this:

<i class="icon-shopping-cart"></i>

when i use them in menu label, it return the tag itself instead of an icon

by using this:

<div id="sidebar-nav">

    $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbMenu', array(

            'type' => 'list',

            'items' => array(array('label' => 'Home', 'icon' => 'home', 'url' => array('default/index#'), 'active' => true),

                array('label' => 'Charts', 'icon' => 'icon-signal', 'url' => array('demo1')),

                array('label' => 'Users', 'icon' => 'icon-group', 'url' => array('demo2')),



now, i want to use "badge" near this icon, can anyone help?



I hope this link will help you to sovle problem

you have to use template… that will sovle ur problem