How to use ETagListWidget from Taggable extension?

I found out that taggable extension consist of 3 main files, I’m able to work with ETaggableBehavior.php & EARTaggableBehavior.php, but I dont know how to use ETagListWidget.php.

I’m trying to solve this because I looking for Wordpress like widget with tags (with size of tags depending on it’s usage).

Thank you for answer.

ETagListWidget isn’t a tag cloud but a simple tag list.

Adding and editing tags is working fine here, but now i want to use

<?php $this->widget('ETagListWidget'); ?>

in my _view.php

but I get a Fatal error: Call to a member function getTags() on a non-object in ETagListWidget.php on line 85

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to set more parameters?

Right now I am using

<?php echo CHtml::encode(implode(', ',$data->getTags())); ?>

to list the tags, but I also want that the separate tags are linked.

When I click a link all my news belonging to this tag should appear.

Can someone provide help?

class TagCloud extends CWidget


	public $title='Tag Cloud';

	public $maxTags=20;

	protected function findTagWeights($models)



		foreach($models as $model)





			foreach($models as $model)

				$tags[$model['name']]=8+(int)(64*$model['count']/($total+<img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' />);



		return $tags;


    	public function run()




                    	'order'=>'count DESC',




            	$weight = $this->findTagWeights($tags);


            	foreach($tags as $tag)


                	if($tag['count'] >= 1) {

                    	$link=CHtml::link(CHtml::encode($tag['name']), array('post/index','tag'=>$tag['name']));

			echo CHtml::tag('span', array(



			), $link) . CHtml::tag('span', array('style'=>"font-size:8pt",),(($tag['count'] > 1) ? '('.$tag['count'].') ' : ' '));