how to use data (2 group) in dataProvider.

I have table

CREATE TABLE pay_slip (

empID int(11) NOT NULL,

genreID int(11) NOT NULL,

datepay date NOT NULL,

total float(8,2) DEFAULT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (empID,genreID,datepay),

[size="1"] KEY fk_pay_employee_has_pay_genre_pay_genre1 (genreID),

KEY fk_pay_employee_has_pay_genre_pay_employee (empID),


i use CListView for show data (data it show).


		$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(



		    'template'=>'{sorter}  {items} <hr/> {pager}'



:unsure: i have 2 group (from table genre) in dataProvider. (Revenue and expenditure).

but i want to show detail and summary Revenue, expenditure in payinslip per mount.

help me please.

Simple demo data


Revenue1 1000

Revenue2 2000

Revenue3 3000

Total 6000


Expenditure 2000

Expenditure 3000

Expenditure 5000

Total 10000

thank alot

I also want to know how to deal with it.