How to use CDateFormatter

Hi people, I am creating some cruds screens, I use the jui calendar, but I have some problems showing the dates, first of all, when I choose a date from the juidatepicker it shows with this format: yyyy-mm-dd, but I want to show it in latin way: dd/mm/yyyy, in the admin screen It shows like: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss but I also want to show dd/mm/yyyy without time. If I enter to modify a record It is loading ok in the text box of the juidatepicker: dd/mm/yyyy but when I choose a new date it appears in the yyyy/mm/dd format.

Can you help me with this please.

I think you need to configure jui calendar instead of using CDateFormatter.

Good, I had


I added:


Now it appears correct when I pick a date, but when I save it says 0000-00-00 00:00:00. I del the value=>date option but still doesn't work correct.

And how can I show the dates in the list.php or in the admin.php in the correct way dd-mm-yyyy, in case it save again correctly. How can I use it in the correct way? the dates.