how to update the advanced template in your application?

Hey guys,

I have a long time yii2 application in the works now. I’ve noticed that a few changes (I need) have been made to the advanced template. What is the correct way of pulling these changes into my app?


You have to do it one by one manually with caution.

A project template is not something you can update as you do with the framework core code or extensions.

It once was a set of starting blocks of your application, but has been evolved by you, and it is your application itself now.

Ok so theoretically copying the advanced template folder into my app will produce what is probably a breaking diff. I should then inspect the diff and proceed with everyfile as if there were a merge conflict? Does that sound decent?



But, if I were you, I would not do anything if the current app is running fine without any problem.

I have actually done that: copied the new lot over the old and then taking the diff. I was lucky :)