How to update gridview through a GET parameter?

How to update gridview through a GET parameter?

I need to create a category column (out of the gridview) to filter the gridview items. For example a category of brands:

Brand (Search: ‘Brand to search’)

[x] Adidas (28)

[] Gildan (2)

[] Nike (36)

[] Unbranded (150)

So when clicking the checkbox a GET / POST is performed to update the gridview.

But to update the gridview I need to know how to integrate a checkboxList, ProductSearch and GridView.

Wrap your search form and grid in pjax. When clicking search it will update both. There are some wikis in the wiki section on this.

If you want to submit the form on click of a checkbox you will need to use the pjax along with JS/jQuery to detect the change and submit the form. There are a lot of ways to do this… just search something like ‘submit form on check of checkbox jquery’ in google.

If you still need help after looking up and trying some ways… post your form and gridview code and what you tried.

Did you get this to work?