How to update extension page on yii website ?


It’s the first time using the new website that I try to update the page of an extension I developed … once logged-in I used (in the old website) to click on the “update extension” link, but I can’t find it anymore. Can anyone tell me how to proceed ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Raoul,

Probably what you have to do is update the README in your github repository and consequently the one in Packagist.

Don’t you see the links at the bottom of your extension page? I see “Update Extension”, “Update Packagist Data”, “Packagist Profile” and “Github Repository”. And it looks like that by clicking the “Update Packagist Data” link, you can update the content of the page by importing the README in Packagist.

Hi Softark,

Now it’s working fine (I had to validate my email), I could update my extension page. Thanks for your help !