How To Understand If Apc And Db Schema Caching Is Working ?

My PHP now has got APC. Configured and running.

So I added this to main.php

'apcCache' => array (

             'class' => 'CApcCache',


And I added this lines to ‘db’ components definition

'queryCacheID'          => 'apcCache',

'schemaCachingDuration' => 3600,

Now, How can I understand if schema caching is really working ?

If i enable CDbCommand log, i can see query like this


SHOW CREATE TABLE `sms_client`

At every refresh, this query (looks like) has been re-executed.

How can i detect when a query is take-off from cache and when not ?


queryCacheID is for caching, you guessed it, queries.

Thanks for note, I’ll correct this. …