How To Turn OFF the deletion of same PK?

[color="#FF0000"]I want to select 1 OR MORE records from the db with the SAME composite key.[/color]

$soldItemList = SoldItem::model()->findByPk(["FK_context_ID"=>5,"FK_GTBtablename_ID"=>1]);

<=This will return me only one record instead of two!

This raw SQL query works perfectly

SELECT * FROM SoldItem WHERE (`FK_context_ID`, `FK_GTBtablename_ID`) = (5, 1)

<=It returns me two rows as it should

Exemple Table: SoldItem

  • id : 3

  • FK_context_ID : [color="#FF0000"]5[/color]

  • FK_GTBtablename_ID: [color="#FF0000"]1[/color]

  • itemName: AK-47

  • id : 4

  • FK_context_ID : [color="#FF0000"]5[/color]

  • FK_GTBtablename_ID: [color="#FF0000"]1[/color]

  • itemName: M-16

Model: SoldItem


public function primaryKey()


    return array('FK_context_ID', 'FK_GTBtablename_ID');



Model: Transaction

public function relations()


    return array( 

        "rel_SoldItem"    => array(self::HAS_MANY, "SoldItem", "FK_context_ID",

                                                "condition"  =>'rel_SoldItem.FK_GTBtablename_ID = 1')



As explained by "phtamas" in this post

[color="#0000FF"]I need these multiple records; the fact that these composite keys are not "unique" is irrelevant for me.

Is there a way to turn OFF this collapse of results?[/color]

Thank you for your time O0