How to trigger an action in another way?

Hello again people.

I have another (may be) silly question:

How can I trigger an action from a view in another way than a link or button?

Lets say: when a comboBox changes or when a radioButton is clicked.

Thanks in advance.

You'll need to use some javascript code to do stuff like that, take a look at the documentation over at jQuery as Yii comes bundled with it. You should use Yii::app() -> clientScript -> registerScriptFile(path/to/Js); to render scripts into the header (tho you can just put them in your layout file if you wish), I have a base controller that loads the core stuff I need and then I can load others on demand as I need them.

From memory it maybe something like (don't quote me on it though lol):

$("#elmntWrapper").find("input:radio").click(function() {

    // do something



Thanks to kradk3n for explaining.

CHtml provides a convenient option named submit that you can pass in the $htmlOptions parameter when you call CHtml::dropdownlist() or CHtml::checkBox.

For example, the category dropdownlist in the extensions page is using the following code:

<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList('cat',isset($_GET['cat'])?(int)$_GET['cat']:0,



                   'empty'=>'All categories', 

                   'submit'=>'')); ?>

Thanks for the answer. I have no time now to test these but I will do.