How to transfer my yii2-extension to yiisoft ?

Hi, we may have a repo, a yii2-extension/ We’d like to make it official, I mean, make it look like “yiisoft/yii2-xxxx”. We will keep developing it, but it seems very cool to participate something official.

What kind of quality standard should we achieve? How many stars do we have to get? Or, are there other quality standards we should meet?


  1. It should be general enough such as queue that is need very often.

  2. It should be fully documented with extensible descriptions, phpdoc, examples etc.

  3. It should be fully unit tested.

Hi, thank you very much for reply.

The repo is indeed general enough.

We will catch up these standard ASAP.

Would you like to elaborate the detailed procedure after we do meet these standards, please? Thanks.

Well, I cannot promise we’ll move the repository without knowing what it is. Anyway, applying these changes is a must for any decent OpenSource project regardless of which name it goes by.

Hi, Thank you very much for reply.

I totally understand your concern. I just wanted to know the detailed information about how I summit my repo to the official team.

Anyway, we are doing some final tests to meet the requirements.

After it’s done, I’ll make an official request and present all the information you need. Thanks!

I apologize for that it seems that we are holding information. It’s not. We just want our repo to be perfect when we present it to everyone for the first time. Currently, the codes are not good, even for ourselves’ standards.

please help to make unit test for my yii2 extension