How To Transate Uniprogy-Couponic ?


I´m a bit slow with this framework, I have the task to translate Couponic to Spanish and I can´t find a way around it.

I found that there are 2 methods, but in my case non of them work.

There is info on their forum, but nothing helpfull

  1. Create a language package using the form on the page. It will include the main language file in protected/messages/{LANGUAGE_ID}/uniprogy.php and several other files that are needed to be translated.


  1. Translate all files from the package

I can´t find anything to translate here

  1. Upload all unzipped and translated files on your server. You should keep the structure of all files and folders


  1. To switch your site to a new language edit this file: protected\config\public\instance.php. Insert ‘language’ ⇒ ‘{LANGUAGE_ID}’ after return array (. E.g.:


return array (

‘language’ => ‘fr’,

‘name’ => ‘Couponic’,

‘theme’ => ‘classic’,



How To change english Transatlation for a phrase in Uniprogy-Couponic ?