How to track transactional emails?

Anyone know any good module/script to send transactional emails and track if a link is clicked and more important if the email is opened?

I’m trying something free, because If I want to pay I can use Mandrill.

not exactly sure what you are asking but, If the link is to your site your action can modify a field in an emailSent table.

Tracking if it was opened is harder. I personally deny all requests like that in my email client. However, it would require your server to be able to GET emails, parse them, and modify emailSent table. Once the server can get emails, cron job/console app could be used to do the parse/update stuff.

I want to know if someone know any free api or module for yii (or generic for php) that can be used to track emails sent. I need to get some statistics like check if the email was opened by the user.

Usually there are payed services like mandrill, in this services they sent the email from their servers and add to the email a tracking code usually a single pixel.

I’m looking for a something similar but I can send the email with my own server.

Since I’m not finding nothing I think I will create a module that parse the content of the email and add the tracking pixel, then if this pixel was loaded I save that information on my server.

PS. Probably I will create a new project to do that tracking system, will consist in a api that will receive the email html and return it with the tracking pixel, then the user will send it as usually, in the end the user can go to my website and check the information of the emails.

I use mailgun for transactional e-mail.

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