How To Theme Widgets (Extensions)

Hi guys,

I’m new in the Yii development. I’ve read in the “Web Application Development for Yii and PHP” how to do theming. However it doesn’t work for the Mbmenu extension.

Here are the details:

In the folder "assets/6a22dd04" are the CSS and pictures for the design of the menu.

It doesn’t work to copy them into my theme folder “themes/vz/css”.

Do I have to go to the extensions source code and change it to Yii::app()->theme->baseUrl?

I am establishing Yii in our company for future projects and appreciate every help.

Thanks guys.

Looking through the docs, etc. It looks like MbMenu is an extension of CMenu. CMenu comes from CWidget, which may allow CWidgetFactory theming/skinning. You should also look in the MbMenu source code to see if it documents css properties or theming. You may have to change ALL of the css related properties to classes of your choosing.

I don’t have/use MbMenu, do I can’t get into it any better.

Colocas cada uno dentro de una carpeta, dentro de la carpeta widget , esta la creas en extensions

También existe un tema para yii llamado hebo. Es espectacular y gratis.


You’re right, there’s a public $cssFile property in the class that I can change with $this->widget(…)->cssFile = ‘newThemePath’, but I also have to change all paths in the CSS.


Bro why do you write in spanish lol. I don’t understand anything, but your attachment ;)

Yeah. The trouble is that hardly speak good English. Anyway I’ll remember for next time