How to support one website and multiple devices, no responsive design.

For complex pages, I cant totally rely on responsive design. I would like to write view code in different files.

As long as I see, there are two solutions.


[*]Inherit and overwrite Views’s render() method, inside the new render(), detect the device, and design which file should be use, i.e: page.html or

[*]Create a new theme called ‘mobile’. Design which theme to use in beforeAction() or beforRequest();


Can anyone tell me which is better. Or may be both are not good enough? Are there other better ones? Thanks.

Using a theme called mobile, and changing the theme used is better, because only one variable changes, the rest of views keeps with same name.

Thanks Menapro!

Yes, using theme is simpler. However I wonder if it is a good practice to use theme in this way. I think theme is more about styles (as what its name mean). For example,

a "forest" theme or a "iron" theme. Maybe one day we will need forest theme on both PC and mobile?

Sorry I make a mistake, View should be inherited rather than Controller. Modified.