How To Store Multiple Selected Dropdownlist Items In Table


   I have two tables in my database mstclient & clientservices.

i wanted to select multiple services for one client.

while saving my model iwant to store one record in mstclient & whichever services(2-3) i am selecting should store in another table(clientservices) with clientid from mstclient table.

So basically my question is how to store data in table with multiple primary key id.

I never tried to do that… But it isn’t easier to use some checkbox, and then looks which one are selected?

Even more that, usually, user don’t select multiple options in a combobox.

Thanks for the reply VincentM,

I have solved this issue. I just use sql insert query and also

Modified my database table without any PK field

because we can’t store multiple id value for any PK field.