How To Start With Yii Framework?

Hi team,

I want some helpful reply, because it is for fresher and want to start career in Yii Framework.

Here no one reply

Hi celin, welcome to Yii Forum!

Well, when i started with Yii, i followed these steps:

  1. The Definitive Guide (read all topics)

  2. Class Reference (read the comments/code and try to understand how the things works)

  3. Visit the Larry Website (read everything related to Yii)

  4. Make The Yii Blog Tutorial (it’s mandatory)

  5. If you have any problem, check and search always in the Wiki and Forum. If you can’t find what you need, ask on forum.

  6. Keep trying your code on Yii. Don’t be afraid to change you App code to check how the things work on Yii.

  7. Google/Youtube is your friend, you can find alot of resources there.

  8. You still have some difficult to understand something? Start on 1. again and read, try, test again!

  9. Have fun and never give up! B)