How To Show Yearpicker In Booster Datepicker

Hi all,

hi took a long time to show only year picker in Yii booster datepicker object. I solve in this mode, i think that all people can take advantage.

               echo $form->datepickerRow($model, 'year_approval',


                    'class'=>'m-wrap span12',


                    'prepend'=>'<i class="icon-calendar"></i>',

                     'options' => array('format'=>'yyyy','startView'=>'decade','minViewMode'=>2,'autoclose'=>true ),   





use EHtmlDateSelect extension

<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.EHtmlDateSelect', array(







                              'end_year'=>date('Y') + 50 ,




	); ?> 

Tnx Rajith, at the moment the solution that i suggest works for me! In the future will try EHtmlDateSelect extension.