how to show Previous and next button in pagination CListview

Can any one explain how to edit clistview pagination.

I want to show only Next and Previous button in clistview. i don’t want other pages like 1,2,3.

Is this possible?

Yes it is possible, check this please:

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Thanx. but i don’t know which property will help to hide internal page number. i want only next and previous button on each page.

See image.


see this link

My link

It doesn’t help me. because it shows all internal 1,2,3 buttons.

$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(





    'template'=>'<div class="block-options pull-left">

                                <button title="Delete Selected" type="submit" name="button[delete]" value="delete" class="btn btn-effect-ripple btn-danger" id="mailbox-action-delete">

                                   <i class="fa fa-times"></i>




                  <div class="block-content-full">{items}</div>{summary}',





    'emptyText'=>'<div style="width:100%"><h3>You have no mail in your '.$this->getAction()->getId().' folder.</h3></div>',




    'itemsCssClass'=>'table table-borderless table-striped table-vcenter remove-margin',




When i apply


It gives me perfect but i cant set icon in previous and next link as i show in image.