How To Show Pdf When Click View Icon In Bootstrap.widgets.tbgridview

hi all,

i want to show pdf file when click on view icon in bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView through lightbox?

plz help me!!


$this->widget(‘bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView’, array(

'id' =&gt; 'newsLetter-grid',

'type' =&gt; 'striped bordered condensed',

'dataProvider' =&gt; &#036;model-&gt;search(),

'filter' =&gt; &#036;model,

'pager' =&gt; array(

    'class' =&gt; 'CLinkPager',


'template' =&gt; &quot;{items}{summary}{pager}&quot;,

'enablePagination' =&gt; true,

'columns' =&gt; array(

    array('name' =&gt; 'id', 'header' =&gt; '#'),

    array('name' =&gt; 'name', 'header' =&gt; 'First name'),


        'class' =&gt; 'bootstrap.widgets.TbButtonColumn',

        'template' =&gt; '{view}{delete}{update}',


                            [b]'view' =&gt; array(

                            //'url' =&gt; '&#036;this-&gt;grid-&gt;controller-&gt;createUrl(&quot;newsLetter/view&quot;, array(&quot;id&quot;=&gt;&#036;data-&gt;id))',

                            'click'=&gt;'js:function(event) { 





                               return false; }',



        'htmlOptions' =&gt; array( ),




i solved it


        'class' =&gt; 'bootstrap.widgets.TbButtonColumn',

        'template' =&gt; '{view}{delete}{update}',

        'buttons' =&gt; array(

            'view' =&gt; array(

                'url' =&gt; 'Yii::app()-&gt;getbaseUrl().DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.Yii::app()-&gt;params[&quot;PDFSavePath&quot;].&#036;data-&gt;id.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.&#036;data-&gt;path',

                'options' =&gt; array('class' =&gt; 'fancybox', 'data-fancybox-type' =&gt; 'iframe'),

                'click' =&gt; 'js:function(event) { 


                                openEffect  :&quot;none&quot;,

                                 closeEffect :&quot;none&quot;,

                                  iframe : {

                                   preload: false



                               return false; }',


        'htmlOptions' =&gt; array('class' =&gt; '', 'data-fancybox-type' =&gt; 'iframe'),