How to setup different sessions for frontend and backend

Hello everyone,

I just installed a new yii2 advanced app on my server. I made some changes in my apache conf. so now I can access my frontend like this: and my backend:

But I realized, if I log in with a user on the frontend it logs me in the backend as well.

I find some atricles about this (Link1, Link2). I followed the steps (link1), set the identityCookie name and path for the frontend and backend too, but nothing happened, same as before.

I tried out the second solution (link2), set the identityCookie names just as before, set the session components and the csrfParams too, with this configs when I try to log in to my app I got an 500 internal server error and it doesn’t log me in, so this one didn’t solve my problem neither. At this point I’m stucked and don’t know how to solve this.

Ps.: I checked my apache error log, but I didn’t find anything… I deleted the session component and find out that the error occurs when I try to set the savePath.

Edited: If I check in the remember me box then it works fine.