How to Set up Sphinx Search?

Hallo Dear Colleges!!

I was looking for some way to use Sphinx Search. I’v seen that there are some extensions for it, but do I need to install Sphinx Search on my server, or these extensions have it included. I’m asking because I have shared hosting, and it could be hard to get access to install “searchd” process.

If someone has already installed Sphinx Search, please give me some tips. Info how to manage to run it on shared hosting would be more then welcome.



Sphinx is a linux daemon so it needs to be installed. The extension here are just a way to communicate with the daemon ( ).

On a shared hosting you have no chance of doing this.

An alternative is zend lucene, it’s easier to set up and it will work on shared hosting.

OK you deprive me of illusions :) but at least I won’t spend more time looking for way to install Sphinx Search. I will go back with my question when I change hosting company

Thank You