how to set up path pointing to Wordpress site ?


I have (Yii powered site) and (Wordpress site). My SEO guy wants to become and all the current blog urls should follow suit.

For example

Please show me how to setup


this link may help you

can someone help please ?

The blog should work once the directory exists outside of the protected directory for your application as creating a sub domain should also point to that specific directory.

Example, If you have an images directory on the same level as the protected directory and you try to view an image within there from your browser, once no URL rewrite has been written in your web server/.htaccess files then the image should display, now setting your blog folder on this level should operate in the same manner.


Tried your suggestion, it does not work

Not quite sure why this occurs, but all yii applications that i have deployed that has some form of sub directory application with sub domains work in that manner.

Because ideally, the blog directory should be outside of the scope of the application.

I am facing the same issue. @nguyendh, did you resolve this this?

I am trying to move my wordpress blog to Blog front page is working fine any other page request has been served by yii route even the pagination.

Can anybody help please? I have lots of custom routes.

it is very easy to fix. YOu need to configure your VirtualHost in Apache

<VirtualHost *:80>

 # your other settings

 Alias /blog /var/www/wordpress #this is the magic that makes it work , it tells Apache to use wordpress if you try to enter localhost/blog 


Thanks for reply, I didn’t try this but reverting and then coming back to permalinks in wordpress setting worked for me.