How To Set Sites In Apache For Advanced App

I want to setup an advanced app.

Say I have one domain e.g.

I use virtuell hosts on my apache 2.4

I want that users can see my frontend by and my backend by

Must I setup two different sites-avaiable with different document roots.

To simulate a domain

I create a new host in my windows host file (domain): fewo_yii2_advanced

I create a new host in my windows host file (subdomain): backend.fewo_yii2_advanced

then I create my vhosts under apache conf


	ServerName fewo_yii2_advanced


	DocumentRoot c:/www/fewo_yii2_advanced/frontend/web



	ServerName backend.fewo_yii2_advanced


	DocumentRoot c:/www/fewo_yii2_advanced/backend/web


This worked well as expected for my front- and backend, but I don’t know what to do when I want to reach my backend without a subdomain under fewo_yii_advanced/backend.