How to set requiredAttributes and optionalAttributes in OpenID?

I wrote codes as below, it brings me to the OpenID login page, but after I logged in, it didnt show any information, how can I set the requiredAttributes and optionalAttributes?

This is my Default controller :

    use yii\authclient\MyAuthClient;

    public function actionAuth(){

		$client = new MyAuthClient();		

		$url = $client->buildAuthUrl(); // Get authentication URL

		$client->requiredAttributes = ['nickname'];

		$client->optionalAttributes = ['email', 'fullname'];


		return \Yii::$app->getResponse()->redirect($url); // Redirect to authentication URL


		if ($client->validate()) { // validate response

		    $userAttributes = $client->getUserAttributes(); // get account info





This is my MyAuthClient.php :

    namespace yii\authclient;

    use yii\authclient\OpenId;

    use yii\helpers\Url;

    class MyAuthClient extends OpenId


	    public $authUrl = 'https://openid.mydomainname'; // Setup provider endpoint

	    public $requiredAttributes = [




 	    public $optionalAttributes = [







May someone advise me am I do something wrong here?

And how can I set the url to be redirected after logout?