how to set pagination <<First,<Previous,1,2,Next>,Last>>

as per blog example i get pagination in the form of


but i need  <<First,<Previous,1,2,Next>,Last>>

I need help


First and Last items are styled with a css that makes them hidden. You should look into the main.css file and look for the styles that are applied for the First and Last items.

i can't get it

but i changed CLinkPager.php

as follows

protected function createPageButton($label,$page,$class,$hidden,$selected)


	if($hidden || $selected)

		$class.=&#039; &#039;.($hidden ? self::CSS_HIDDEN_PAGE : self::CSS_SELECTED_PAGE);

	return &#039;&lt;li &gt;&#039;.CHtml::link($label,$this-&gt;createPageUrl($page)).&#039;&lt;/li&gt;&#039;;



i removed  changed above from <li class="'.$class.'">

so it gives


but <<First must be disable when in 1st pagelink and Last>> must be disable when in last pagelink but these are not work how to do it

please help me. give me  source where i have to change

Thanks it works

i changed  in pager.css in assets as follows

ul.yiiPager .first,

ul.yiiPager .last




still when pagination links are more than 10 then <<First,Last>> enabled

suppose i have only 3 links at that time <<First,Last>> are disabled

any reasons

Afaik it works as designed.

The First- and Last-buttons are only enabled if the number of page buttons exceeds the maximum which is 10 by default.

Assets is a directory using temporary (cached) files. If you changed the css there, you will lose it sometime in the future. You should override the needed css styles in your CSS file.