How To Set Offset In Pagination?

Hi All,

I was wondering how could I set the offset in pagination. My situation is like this, I want to have CGridView complete with pagination (next, prev, pages button). In addition, I want to add new buttons UP and DOWN. When, I click on DOWN, I want to add one to the current offset. Vice-versa, remove one from the current offset if, I click om UP. The idea is to see some previous or next data, next page is different since we can only see the whole new data on the next page. Say, I have 21 data, page 1 is 1-10 and page 2 is 11-20 and page 3 is 21 only. With the addition of the UP and DOWN buttons, I want to be able to see in one page row 1-10. 2-11, 3-12 and so on.

There are some suggestions to use infinite scroll, I do not like this since I just want to have a fixed height of CGridView.

Also suggestion to use sticky header and scroll in TBODY. The data can be very large and the row height are sometimes unpredictable. One row can have multi-lines so the table will look like cut off.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.