How to set custom title instead of My Yii Application Yii 2

<title><?= Html::encode($this->title) ?></title>

is rendered as
<title>My Yii Application</title>

I want to change the title “My Yii Application” to a custom one. How to set custom page titles that apply to all pages in every controller.

In your controller create a param $title and put the title you want.
In the layout you can access to this param:

<title><?= Html::encode($this->content->title) ?></title>

Only be sure all the controllers have the param title.

My Yii Application is mentioned in framework class? any idea

If it is a new Yii 2 installation, open your \views\site\index.php. There you will see the title definition as


and overwrite it as needed.

Set the “name” in config/web.php

$config = [
	'id' => 'basic',
	'name' => "My Customized Website Name",
	'basePath' => dirname(__DIR__),
	'bootstrap' => ['log'],
	'aliases' => [