How to set baseUrl()

Hi All,

I downloaded the files from our client server and I want it to run on my localhost. I copy the files on htdocs and when I browse it for example: localhost/purebooking it will redirect to the livesite. I guess because of this one Yii::app()->request->baseUrl. I am still a beginner in Yii framework, and I would like to ask how to configure the value of baseUrl(). And what file do I need to change so I can let it work on my localhost.

I really need help on this one.


I would start by checking the .htaccess as the baseUrl() should be the Url from the request, not the Url that you would redirect to.

There might be code in there that’s forcing a redirect to an absolute url (url of your live site)

I agree this point:)

It should be your program code issue to use the absolute url, could you double check the code? thx.

could be anything not htaccess in particular may be your sitecontroller is redirecting you have to look for it