How To Send Mails In Yii?


i am newbie to yii. can someone explain me how send mails in yii.

so far, i followed this link:

Now, i dont know where to write that test.php?.

i wanna create a page that will take my recepient mail, subject and message and send a mail to him.

please explain what code i should write in my controllers & views?

If you do followed Yii tutorial, then you should have the site already. Then you can use contact form to test your email function.

The code in controller/SiteController.php

And find actionContact.

test.php means used as a template for different mails. For test.php, you should create a folder inside your application based on viewpath in main.php file.

Here you should create folder named with mail in app/protected/views/ and create test.php in it.

    'viewPath' => 'application.views.mail',