How to Run Yii Framework


   I have an Yii Framework Application developed on my system, but I need to migrate this complete project(Application) to another system. I had copied complete Application folder and also exported sql file. I placed these copied files into another system and imported sql file into database, but if I follow this procedure I am not able to access all my files. It is displaying 403 error page when I am trying to access it. For this I am trying a lot. Kindly, help me in doing this so that I can again continue my Project Development.

Thanks in Advance…

This is not Yii issue, check logs of your web server (like apache for example), there you should find some information about the cause of this error.

I recently moved my yii site to another hosting and it didn’t give me any forbidden issues.

You can check that "assets" and "runtime" directories are writable.

Check the files permissions.